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The boxes will be numbered and randomed once the case is sold out. Every purchase guarantees a box. 


This product will feature the following per box:

-  1 Bruce Lee Keepsake Relic Card

- 1 Bruce Lee Keepsake 5 Card Pack

- 1 Bruce Lee Card Stand

- 1 Luxury Jewelry Light Activated Box


Each case will include the following:

- 5 Boxes Per Case

- At least 1 Case Hit Premium Relic Card (an item directly from Bruce Lee himself)

- At least 1 Gem Card



This Bruce Lee collection features museum quality pieces directly from the family & friends of Bruce Lee:

- Fight Worn Mask that Bruce Lee would spar in

- Actual Music Player from Bruce Lee's Office (photo matched with photos all over the internet)

- Handwritten letters from Bruce Lee discussing fight scene sequences, fighting techniques, and his personal philosophies

- Hand Signed Autograph Bruce Lee Institute Card

- Original 1/1 Negative Film Reels (never before seen photos of Bruce Lee from movies where the card has the actual negative trapped in them)



Look for the following card types:

- Keepsake Relics

- Jumbo Relics

- Dual, Triple, and Quad Relics

- Cut Autograph 1/1

- Negative Film Reels

- Fight Worn Relics

- Personally used Relics

- Handwritten "In My Hand" Relics

- Gem Relics

- Genuine Diamonds, Gold, Sapphires, Rubys, Opals, Jade, and More Gemstones

- Multi Relic Cards with Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and others!


Randomly Inserted Cut Autographs Featuring:

- Bruce Lee

- Jackie Chan

- Chuck Norris

- Muhammad Ali

- Sylvester Stallone

- Canelo Alvarez

- Michael B. Jordan

- Floyd Mayweather Jr.

- Mike Tyson

- Rocky Marciano

- Jack Dempsey

- Robert De Niro

- and more! 

2024 Bruce Lee 50th Anniversary Keepsake Ed.

Excluding Sales Tax
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