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History comes to DCDcollects! Just like real life, history blends into pop culture!


We've paired up artifacts with original art, really showcasing Lee's many talents.

Each box in this super-limited ten box run will contain one artifact and one painting!

You'll find roman arrowheads and Roman Soldiers. Mammoth fur and a mammoth facing hunters! Find art of prehistoric times, the Atomic Age, the origins of flight, and so many more, matched with compelling artifacts!


And the giveway for this is epic! You'll be "Looking for Freedom" as you relive David Hasselhoff's truly memorable and iconic performance at the Brandenburg Gatwe during the fall of the Berlin Wall! And it comes with an actual piece of the Berlin Wall!


All artifacts come from reliable, trust sources. One, the Houdini key, comes from my personal collection of Houdini keys.


Please note that all streaming will now be done through the DCDcollects channels on Twitch and Youtube. Streaming Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings 6PM Pacific (excluding Holidays and special occasions). When at shows, breaks will be done through Instagram or streaming (whatever is possible).


Boxes will be numbered on screen and then randomized and sold in that order. In some cases, boxes will be numbered at shows. Numbering will be filmed and posted.


As always, any mystery box product sales are final. If you have any questions about the nature of "mystery box," please ask us before purchasing. Thank you

Historical Hits - Lee Kohse!

Excluding Sales Tax
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