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They're here. All 9.8s in this break! 10 Minty comics, with fresh certified signatures!


Names like Starlin (with an original Bolerjack sketch!), Stegman, Percy, Salicrup (with a remarque), Young, Wells, Thomas, Sullivan, Simonson and Adam Hughes!


Get them here.

Yes, it's DCDcollects. Yes, we have a giveaway! It's only ANOTHER comic book (this one 9.6) signed by legendary artist (and Doug's personal favorite artist. Sorry, Lee.) WALT SIMONSON!!!!! Yes, the creator of Beta Ray Bill, on a cover with Beta Ray Bill!


Please note that all streaming will now be done through the DCDcollects channels on Twitch and Youtube. Streaming Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday  evenings 6PM Pacific (excluding Holidays and special occasions).


Boxes will be numbered on screen and then randomized and sold in that order.


As always, any mystery box product sales are final. If you have any questions about the nature of "mystery box," please ask us before purchasing. Thank you.


Signed, Certified, and Delivered!

Excluding Sales Tax
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