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Some of the funniest scenes ever? Surely we can't be serious! We are serious, and don't call us Shirley!


DCDcollects and Paul Maitland bring you some of the most memorable scenes in history! You laughed when you saw them the first time, and you keep laughing! They're timeless! And they are laugh out loud funny!


You'll be in a glass cage of emotion as you wait to see which brilliantly funny scene you get?


Paul's work is so good (that is, not smelling of Elder berries) that you'll want to BE Paul (but you can't, because identify theft is NOT a joke).


Each one of the 14 boxes in the run contain a single 5x7 work matted to 8x10, along with the quote that corresponds with the scene!


The Princess Bride! Shrek! Parks and Recreation!  Space Balls! Clue! The Birdcage (For DC!!!), and so many more!

Plus, a giveaway! (It's DCDcollects . . . what did you expect?) What is it? It's right here . . . It's look at you!


Please note that all streaming will now be done through the DCDcollects channels on Twitch and Youtube. Streaming Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings 6PM Pacific (excluding Holidays and special occasions).


Boxes will be numbered on screen and then randomized and sold in that order.


As always, any mystery box product sales are final. If you have any questions about the nature of "mystery box," please ask us before purchasing. Thank you



The Art Factory: Comedy! By Paul Maitland

Excluding Sales Tax
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